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10/19/14 14:45 448239850 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook  Can 5

3/28/16 21:16 448208874 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business  5

1/20/16 9:40 448208875 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Sam Jo___burg GTE Engineering hands down the Best! I have a Ferrari 599 a Lamborghini Gallardo LP, Bentley Cont , Sekam service all and have all Factory tools PC . Lambo changed the clutch with Pega, Bentley had a Suspension problem dealer ask thousands with GTE I got the pest prices. Happy to go to GTE as he Service all my cars Exclusively . I talked to the Owner/Service Manager and Mechanic all in one no bulst! He is a Master Ferrari Tech. Thank you 5

4/7/15 11:41 448239848 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook Mustafa De___rci 5

2/10/17 12:21 513543464 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook Gi__ca G__z Great service, knowledgeable staff, very willing, all promises delivered. 5

3/13/17 14:20 517128535 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business R___rt Cohen Long time Ferrari owner who has seen a lot from shops over the years and GT Engineering is among the best in the country.  Serkan is more engineer/scientist/doctor than mechanic, and takes the time to fully understand an issue prior to throwing parts at a problem.  The car gets fixed properly, quickly, and for a reasonable price.  After working on my 599, the 430 Challenge is headed there next. 

Thank you Serkan! 5

1/4/17 7:44 510080752 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Danny S. Very competent and professional technicians. The owner is extremely hands-on and walks you through every step of the work being done on your vehicle. If you own a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche and the like, you owe it to yourself (and your prized possession) to stop by and explore the "Beyond Dealer" benefits these folks can provide.A+ 5

10/5/16 13:18 504000524 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Ryan She_hy 5

3/7/17 14:04 516641032 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Tony Ju___ka Jr 5

2/24/17 12:18 515315245 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook Banu Ozs___sci If others cannot fix your car l bet he will... He is one of the best in his field... service with talented and experienced guys 5

1/19/16 0:22 448208877 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Michael Co_bs Excellent service! They are very knowledgeable and automotive service specialist on Ferrari Maserati & Lamborghini cars. At first, they listened me and solved it very quick. Very much responsive & customer service, wow fantastic. Thanks a lot. 5

3/11/17 19:05 517128537 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Gia___rlo G__z Performance "A la carte", utmost honesty. 5

3/14/17 8:37 517128534 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Andrea Mon___aro Very nice person Serkan.!!
He was always ready to listen about the problems of the car,verifying its conditions and reliable in competence to work on it fixing the problem!
He is the technical expert you were looking for your precious car. Highly recommended.  5

1/18/16 18:36 448208878 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Nezo J___r Took my Ferrari to authorized dealer and they were unable to repair problem. Was told about GTE Engineering and Serkan explained problem. Probably best technician in country. Great cars lucky to find GTE no problems turn on key and go!!!! 5

3/20/17 21:41 517425641 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook Ryan S___hy 5

4/11/14 2:31 448239851 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook Stephanie Jo___on 5

3/8/17 9:50 516641031 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Jetmir ___edi 5

3/13/17 10:24 517128536 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Dr. Summer He___ly I own a Maserati Grandturismo and for its annual service I took it back to Fort Lauderdale Ferrari-Maserati and after being incredibly disappointed with their lack of honesty, extremely over priced services, and with no regard for the time frame in which I got my care returned... I have looked elsewhere for someone who could work on my car.   I was recommended to Serkan at GTE Engineering from a friend and I will never take my car somewhere else. Being a woman, I am always a little hesitant with the auto service industry, but Serkan is top notch!!! My car has had its annual service, its 50K service, brakes changed, new tires, electrical issue fixed and much more and the services are fairly priced, well done in a timely fashion, and he even had some scratches buffed out for me for NO cost! He has always went above and beyond and communicates with me about costs/repairs/expectations- Even when I brought it for a few questions about squeaky brakes he took the time to answer my questions and gave me a game plan if it continued. I highly recommend GTE Engineering, you will not be let down! 5

3/5/15 22:28 448208879 GTE Engineering LLC Google My Business Bli___sel 2741107110711 5

1/14/17 21:23 510804729 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook Ralph S__ds 5

12/26/16 16:56 509600995 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook The Best... 5

12/13/15 16:57 445662160 GTE Engineering LLC Yelp Va_a M. Serkan takes the pain out of owing an exotic automobile. I live in Nashville but faithfully spend $900 each way for shipping my cars for service. He is... 5

3/7/16 22:03 448239847 GTE Engineering LLC Facebook Va_a Ma__ouri As honest as rain.

Knowledgeable and proficient engineer! I am so thankful to him here in the U.S. 5