• NEW Audi R8 V8/V10 R Tronic 07L141011L & 079141011E 079141011

    Please inform Vin Number, Model & Year

    NEW Audi R8 V8/V10 R-Tronic 07L141011L or 07L141011E Clutch set.

    "We do not offer rebuild on this clutch"

    NEW Set sale ONLY with FXSS Kevlar or FXSS & BFXX Ceramic performance relining. 

    Sale Description: 

    -NEW Clutch sale comes with OEM Organic Clutch Facings and will not be refurbished with PEGA Clutch Facing FF3C, item will be inspected and shipped.

    -On "Flywheel service" sale the Customer is required to ship the item to us for re service.