Ferrari 360 Modena Challenge Stradale 201680 (F131)

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Ferrari 360 Modena Clutch Disc 201680 (180613),


1- Refurbishing used set with any our NEW clutch facing on a NEW PEGA Clutch Disc.

2- NEW set with any our Clutch KEVLAR or Ceramic Button facing.

-For F1 or Manual Transmission.

Sale Description:

-NEW Clutch Disc do not include Flywheel and Pressure plate.

-On Used sale the Costumer is required to ship the Flywheel and Pressure plate to us for refurbishing.

-NEW Clutch sale comes with OEM Organic Clutch Facings and will not be refurbished with PEGA Clutch Facing FF3C, item will be inspected and shipped.

-On Flywheel service sale the Costumer is required to ship the item to us for re service.

OEM Part Number:201680 (Disc 180613)


360 Modena    
360 Spider

360 Challenge Stradale 

360 Modena Challenge

360 N-GT/ Michelotto

360 GT

360 GTC

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