• F1 & E-Gear Actuator Hydraulic Performance Hoses options for Ferrari Maserati Lamborghini Aston Martin


    GTE Engineering Performance Hydraulic F1, AM & E-Gear hose-sets are special made performance hoses, we categorized it as Standard and Challange "CHE" cars. What sets us apart from other hose manufacturer's "assembly shops" as well as the new "OEM hoses", We use 304 Stainless Steel Braided Hose with a Poluyre Cover for extra durability. Our parts used in assembly are made with the highest quality and are assembled in house.  

    Our 10+ F1 / E-Gear experiences give us exceptional knowledge about these systems. Many hose-sets we come across in house as well as advertised on the web or forum pages are made "Offered" with wrong hose specifications, size, and quality! Our hose set comes with a manufacturer's defect warranty for 2 years (CHE cars do not have a warranty) We are offering the Kevlar Cut–Resistant Sleeve as well, see "F1 Hose Accessories".

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    - Mid-engine uses the "Long" type (F430, Gallardo, etc.).

    - Front-engine uses the "Short" type (Maserati, Ferrari 599GTB, etc.).

    - Aston Martin uses the "Short" Type hose.

    - The "Set" includes all 5 EV hydraulic hoses from EV1 to 5.

    - To select the "SV" (EV Output) Clutch Hose and/or the Block to Clutch oil Transfer "CV" hose, use the option via a drop-down menu.


    - You will need to send your old hoses to us for appraisal & sizing.

    - eMail us the Service request Form & the  Shipping Tracing number to sales@gte-engineering.com.

    - Using the Power unit Hydraulic hose location marks (EV1-5 etc..) mark your old hose prior to removing.

    - "Standart" hose is the OEM spec type "CHE" is for racing applications the highest grate available for F1 hoses.

    - Pro Race Hoses are made via Race Standards and different ISO parts.

    GTE Hydraulic hose installation guide

    "Please do not hesitate to give us a call  to find out what type hose set you will need M-F from 10 am/6 pm EST +1 (973) 324 7841 x 3

     -MADE IN USA-