• Ferrari 360 Modena F1 to Gated Conversion kit

    $15,800.00 $12,500.00

    We manufacture Gated Conversion Kits  to convert Ferrari & Lamborghini cars from automatic F1  or E-Gear to gated manual 6 speed with a clutch pedal. The kits include new quality aftermarket parts and new Ferrari parts. We have a privilege of providing those kits to both specialty shops and a DIY community worldwide. To simplify the installation, the kits are shipped pre-assembled. Even details like bolts and nuts are per-positioned. The kits come with post sale support.


    The kits have already been tested with many cars covering thousands of trouble free miles on multiple continents. We have earned a 100% customer satisfaction. This makes us confident that you will enjoy our kits as well. This also gives us a confidence to increase the parts warranty period to industry leading unlimited mileage warranty.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any quiescence you may have.