• Ferrari F430 F1 to Gated Conversion

    $15,000.00 $13,000.00

    The kits have already been tested with many cars covering thousands of trouble free miles on multiple continents. We have earned a 100% customer satisfaction.

    This makes us confident that you will enjoy our kits as well. This also gives us a confidence to increase the 3 parts warranty period to industry leading unlimited mileage.

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    Ferrari  F430 Manual Gated Conversion Kit  Price   Part number   Optional
    Brake DOT fluid version  (transmission removal Ferrari OEM way)  $13,000.00  CM-GC-F430   Default Configuration
    ECUs and Cluster configuration n/c  $                 
    CM-GC-F430 change to F1 fluid based version, no transmission removal  $ 250.00  CM-GC-F1-FLD   Optional 


    E-diff retain plugs and connectors n/c  $ –    CM-GC-F430-DIFF   Default Configuration
    E-diff removal plugs and bypass electronics n/c  $ –    CM-GC-F430-NODIFF   Optional 
    Hill Eng Throw Out Bearing with Brake Fluid seals  $ 600.00  CM-GC-TOB   * 
     Change to Right Hand (RHD) Drive version of the kit  $–  CM-GC-RHD  Optional
    *  Throw Out Bearing is required if brake fluid is used as clutch fluid