• Lamborghini Diablo 91-95 NEW PEGA FXSS w/Kevlar® Clutch Disc 002132598

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    Lamborghini Diablo 91-95 NEW PEGA FXSS w/Kevlar® Clutch Disc 002132598

    You have the Option to buy a NEW set with PEGA Kevlar Clutch Disc or have your unit rebuild.


    Sale Description:

    -Disc sale do not include Flywheel and Pressure plate service.

    -Flywheel & Pressure plate service" customer is required to ship the item to us for rebuild.

    PEGA FXSS-SC "Kevlar ®"
    PEGA FXSS Kevlar ® clutch facing is our top of the line revolutionary Kevlar ® friction material. is a high performance, high friction, non metal composite material containing a high percentage of Kevlar ® fiber. It can be considered as an alternative for PEGA BFXX. It will resists high energy inputs. It is not abrasive to the counter material, is silent in operation and it will resist high pressures. The wear rate is low even at high temperatures. - FXSS Kevlar ® can be used with BFXX ceramic in the same clutch, this will give a unique characteristic to the clutch as it will have Ceramic and Kevlar...

    PEGA FXSS Kevlar ® is one of the best made Kevlar ® friction material in the world. Used for racing application and regular drive. it can resist heat up to 390c. PEGA FXSS Kevlar ® will with stand more and higher heat under more stress causing less clutch slipping and heat.



    PEGA Clutch Full Kevlar. with PEGA FXSS-SC Kevlar Lining


    PEGA Clutch Dual Friction. with PEGA FXSS-SC Kevlar & PEGA BFXX Ceramic Lining

    Racing clutches applications are subject to high specific loads.

    For this kind of applications we offer high performance molded sintered friction material srunning against mating materials made of steel, cast iron or composite materials. Because we use innovative raw materials and processes, our products have a high degree of stability in their friction coefficient.

    Sintered segments produced by the PEGA Clutch are resistant to wear and noise and high and stable coefficient of friction and are able to withstand high