• Lamborghini Gallardo 03/08 - LP560 LP570 Ceramic Clutch Set 07L105269K

    Please inform Vin Number, Model & Year

    Lamborghini Gallardo 03/08 - LP500 & LP560 LP540 LP570 Ceramic Brass Button Clutch Set on NEW or USED Serviced set.

    P07L105269F/E/G/K/M Refurbishing or NEW set for E-Gear or Manual Transmission.

    PEGA Ceramic Brass Button Clutch set for

    Racing  Twin Turbo Cars.

    Sale Description:

    -Used "service"  sale do not include Flywheel and Pressure plate.

    -On Used sale the Costumer is required to ship the item to us for refurbishing with NEW PEGA Clutch Facings.

    -NEW Clutch sale comes with OEM Organic Clutch Facings and will not be refurbished with PEGA Clutch Facing FF3C, item will be inspected and shipped.

    -On Flywheel service sale the Costumer is required to ship the item to us for re service.

    OEM Part Number:

    Model                         Tipo                                                Part no

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP-500 M&E-G from 06up use "E"  PN 07L105269F 

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP-500 06 up M-G                           PN 07L105269G  (G can not be used on any E-Gear)

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP-500 08 & Superlegera E-G        PN 07L105269E  (08 Gallardo F Tipo can NOT be used)

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP-550 / LP-550/2                           PN 07L105269M  (550 can ONLY used with M)

    Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 / LP-570/4 Performante      PN 07L105269K    

    M "Manual Gearbox" - E "E-Gear system"

    All Clutch Facings are up to "OEM Spec". All PEGA Clutch Facings

    and Materials are TUV ISO 9001 & TUV ISO 14001 Certified.

    "All products are under warranty and it’s tested prior to shipping."

    PEGA Clutch Specs   PEGA Clutch Brake in Procedures

    Clutch Installation Instructions