Lamborghini Diablo 96/01 Performance Clutch P07M141031E

Please inform Vin Number, Model & Year

LAMBORGHINI  DIABLO 96/01 Clutch Set NEW or Service with NEW PEGA Clutch Facing.

You have the Option to buy a NEW set with PEGA Kevlar Clutch disc as well.

You have the option to set you Used set for service with a PEGA Kevlar Clutch disc as well.


Sale Description:

-Disc sale do not include Flywheel and Pressure plate.

Clutch disc is a Performance production and it is different vs. OEM, you have the Option to

sent your Disc to have it on OEM Disc to Kevlar or Organic refaced.

-"Flywheel & Pressure plate service" Costumer is required to ship the item to us for refurbishing.

-NEW Clutch sale comes with OEM Organic Clutch Facings and will not be refurbished with PEGA Clutch Facing FF3C, item will be inspected and shipped.


OEM Part Number: P07M141031A


Diablo 6.0 (2001)     
Diablo GT (1999)     
Diablo Roadster (1998)
Diablo SV (1997)     
Diablo SV (1998)     
Murcielago (2003)      

LAMBORGHINI Diablo Part Diagram NO: 18