• NEW Maserati Quattroporte Clutch 207700 (M139) Clutch

    $2,520.00 $1,840.00
    Please inform Vin Number, Model & Year

    NEW Maserati Quattroporte Clutch performance relining 207700 (M139) Clutch

    "We do NOT offer clutch rebuild for this clutch"

    Valid till car Ass. Nr. 24274


    - This Clutch set is NOT for Maserati Quattroporte  (My06) Valid from car Ass. Nr. 24275
    - Item is NOT interchangeable with 196355 or 228738


    Sale Description:

    -NEW Clutch sale comes with OEM Organic Clutch Facings and will not be refurbished with PEGA Clutch Facing FF3C, item will be inspected and shipped.

    - On Flywheel service sale the Customer is required to ship the item to us for re service.

    - Shipping item can take up to 15 business days.

    - all custom performance lined clutches are Nonrefundable sale.

    OEM Part Number: P207700

    QTP. (2003) 4.2    
    QTP. (2005) 4.2
    QTP. (2005) 4.2    
    QTP. (2006) 4.2 Valid for AUS and J - Valid for cars GD opt. japan version - Valid till car Ass. Nr. 24274